Cooperating U.S. Government witness testimony implicates CR Gentry in alleged criminal fraud scheme and cover up.

According to court transcripts, cooperating U.S. Government witness Timothy R. Gaarn testified in Federal Court Wednesday, that Carlton R. Gentry "CR Gentry" was in fact involved in the alleged criminal fraud scheme and subsequent efforts to cover it up. Gaarn, who was referred to by the government as a co-conspirator, testified under oath that the fraudulent scheme was done as a "favor" for Kenner and that Gentry participated in it.


According to sources close to the case, CR Gentry has miraculously avoided being criminally indicted, in spite of the overwhelming evidence including emails and witness testimony which implicates him. "Here you have a government witness [Gaarn] with a non-prosecution agreement, testifying clear as day that CR Gentry participated in the fraud", said the source. "Gaarn has no reason to lie at this point, he's protected by the government from prosecution. How Gentry is not sitting in jail is beyond me."